About Us

One-quarter of America’s food is thrown away unsold every year – 31 billion dollars’ worth.  

Thirty-five million Americans suffer from hunger or live on the edge of hunger.

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 and the Florida Statutes specifically provide immunity from civil and criminal liability to food donors and to volunteers and charities acting in good faith to donate, recover, and distribute excess food.

Waste Not Want Not is just such an organization, a volunteer-based group whose mission is to prevent the discarding of food and other items that can be used to fight hunger and poverty in North Florida.  We do this by rescuing food daily from numerous sources for distribution to local charitable organizations, and through other cost-effective initiatives.

Waste Not Want Not is mission-focused and volunteer-driven.

Learn more about our work: how we rescue surplus food for distribution to those in need.

Waste Not volunteers rescue food and reduce hunger 363 days a year.