Who We Are


Sandra L. Staudt-Killea

Executive Director  

Linda McKenzie

Volunteer Director

Career Opportunities:

Waste Not Want Not is not hiring at this time.

Board and Officers

Shannon Bouchet, Chair
Shannon has been a member of the board since 2019. She is a passionate advocate for the mission of Waste Not and is excited to support the organization as a member of the board. Professionally she is the Head of Agile Transformation at TIAA and has over 20 years of experience implementing technology solutions and digital change for corporations. Shannon has lived in the Jacksonville area with her husband and daughter since 2017.

Gene Bower

Kyle Fresh
Kyle has been a member of the board since 2019 and is active in the community. He is a foster parent, attends Eleven22 Church, and together with his wife supports multiple charities that help women and children.

Kyle grew up in Cincinnati, OH and maintains the Midwest work ethic and family values that Buckeyes are known to possess. Upon graduation from Boston University with a degree in economics, he entered active duty in the US Army. After leaving active duty, Kyle and business partner David Misiuta formed KDF Management which they eventually sold to WJW Associates, LTD, owned by Griff Williams and Al Morgan at the time. Kyle and Dave and a third partner took full ownership of WJW in 2010.

Jim Sager
Jim has been a member of the board since 2019. He brings positive energy and a pragmatic voice to the decision making process Professionally, he and has over 20 years of experience in corporate America.

  • President: Sandra Staudt-Killea
  • Secretary: Karol Higginbotham
  • Treasurer: Paul Coulter

We may be looking for someone with your passion and skills in the near future.  Please let us know of your interest and introduce yourself by completing this profile.

Approximately one-half of our volunteers gathered to celebrate our 30th anniversary


Waste Not Want Not is a volunteer-based organization located in Clay County, just south of Jacksonville, Florida, with 250 volunteers who together donate over 450 hours each week to rescue and distribute food to those in need.  It is their willingness to help that allows Waste Not Want Not to serve people in 14 counties in North Florida.

Waste Not volunteers come in all ages and stages. Although most of our volunteers are newly-retired and more-senior seniors,  we are happy to welcome students working towards scholarships, individuals providing court-ordered community service, adults with differing abilities, families volunteering together.  All are critical to the success of our mission, to our ability to rescue food whenever it is offered and distribute it promptly to those seeking food assistance.

The dedication of Waste Not volunteers is so impressive that our volunteers have received many awards over the years at the Reinhold Foundation’s Celebrate Clay event that honors the top Clay County volunteer (Peggy Bryan Volunteer of the Year) and two runner-ups (Judges’ Choice Volunteer Awards) every year.  

Peggy Bryan Volunteer of the Year Award
Linda Codini + 2005
Joan Halloran + 2015

Judges’ Choice Volunteer Award
Gene Bowers + 2007
Harold Chance + 2013
Bill Harrell + 2018
John Wrightington + 2019