Food Distribution

How does Waste Not Want Not ensure that the 4,000 to 7,000 pound of food that we rescue on average every day is put to good use promptly? We do not serve individuals or families, rather we serve other charities, providing food to more than 100 other nonprofits in 14 counties.  We work with all kinds of charities: missions, soup kitchens, food pantries, group homes, after-school programs.  

Our recipient charities serve in many ways; providing groceries to families with homes, cooked meals at soup kitchens and to homeless individuals, easy-to-cook items for children’s weekend backpacks, or supplemental snacks for seniors at community centers.  

Our volunteers work hard to provide each group the amount and types of food that will meet the needs of their clients.  Missions will receive large cakes that they can cut and serve on plates for example, while groups feeding people on the streets will receive individually packaged slices of cake.  Food pantries sharing with families in homes will receive groceries that may require cooking, while charities delivering food to homeless in motels will receive fully-cooked items. This attention to the specific  requirements is unique, it is the value-added that Waste Not creates.

If you would like to know whether Waste Not Want Not can provide food to your charity, please learn more at How to Request Food.

The City Rescue truck leaves every week filled with food rescued and sorted by Waste Not Want Not volunteers.
Individually wrapped items are shared with groups serving our homeless friends on the streets, in the woods, and staying in motels.